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Neurotheology and neuromarketing the future

I recently reviewed Back to the Future, an iconic trilogy about a guy and his genius grandfather traveling to the future, past, and back. It’s interesting to see how people saw the future almost 30 years ago-hoverboards instead of skateboards, flying cars, romance! Now the idea that there will be a lot of cyborgs in the future is becoming popular, thanks to cyberpunk 2077-the idea that we will not have enough […]

Neural network technologies

The topic is dedicated to neural network technologies. Previously, this topic was published for the Institute, in order to gain the first scientific research experience, and in my opinion, this is one of the most relevant topics along with the quantum network, that is, these technologies will radically change the scope of application and data processing in both situational and predictable situations. The peculiarity of using neural network technologies is […]

Artificial intelligence — a new form of life?

Artificial intelligence is only in its infancy, but its limitless possibilities and dangers are already visible. Where artificial intelligence is already used. Artificial intelligence – is it achievable in principle? At what stage of development is the science of AI. Does ai have intuition? Thinking is a white spot in science. How much percent does a person actually use their intelligence? Limitations of robot development in the near future. Artificial […]