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Intriguing C++ 20 features for embedded developers

C is still the favorite programming language among embedded system developers, but there are quite a few of them who use C++in their practice. Using the corresponding features of C++ , you can write code that is as efficient as the code of a similar application written in C, and in some cases it will be even more efficient, since it can be quite tedious for an ordinary programmer to […]

Computer Emulation: CHIP-8 interpreter, timers and input processing

We have already created a fully working CHIP-8 emulator, but it, unfortunately, turned out to be very slow. Why? If you look at its main loop — you can see that data is displayed on the screen after each step of the loop is completed. When vsync is enabled, SDL tries to link the rendering speed to the display frame refresh rate (possibly 60 Hz). For us, this means that […]