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BlackBerry: the rise and fall of the QWERTY smartphone era

Ten years ago, at the headquarters of research in Motion (RIM), located in Waterloo Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada, was bustling with activity. The offices were filled with employees, and the lights in the Windows didn’t go out until midnight, showing passing drivers the silhouettes of busy people. Today it’s a Ghost office. And let the lights still be on at the entrance, no one passes through the turnstiles, no one crowds into Smoking rooms […]

How NVIDIA’s Reflex technology works

In addition to ray tracing and AI-based DLSS 2.0 anti-aliasing, modern video games (in particular, Fortnite) also support NVIDIA Reflex technology, which is designed to reduce the system delay that occurs between pressing a button and displaying an action on the screen (for example: you pressed the mouse button — a shot was fired). Measuring the “input delay” is not easy, so NVIDIA Reflex uses a set of software and […]

14 fresh and useful design resources in January

What’s in today’s release: various generators, cool sources for inspiration, stylish icons, top products from Product Hunt for 2020, tools for exporting animations and gifs, and much more. Attention, the dark pattern — we left the hottest resources at the end – so scroll with anticipation. Let’s go! 14. Vektors Vektors is an aggregator of collections with illustrations. All illustrations of this resource are free (but some collections have user licenses). At Vektors, you’ll […]