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World Hi-Fi: we discuss the image tax, vendor Loks, the atmosphere of paranoia and musical information security Easter eggs

Earlier, we discussed smart TV and upscaling, streaming, music hardware, and even the Hamming effect. Today we will continue to share selected materials of our “Hi-Fi World”. The struggle for rights or the atmosphere of paranoia — in the world of music is still undecided. Performers, studios, and copyright holders are also suing during the epidemiological crisis. They argue about everything that can be called music: from the degree of similarity of two-second samples […]

BlackBerry: the rise and fall of the QWERTY smartphone era

Ten years ago, at the headquarters of research in Motion (RIM), located in Waterloo Waterloo County, Ontario, Canada, was bustling with activity. The offices were filled with employees, and the lights in the Windows didn’t go out until midnight, showing passing drivers the silhouettes of busy people. Today it’s a Ghost office. And let the lights still be on at the entrance, no one passes through the turnstiles, no one crowds into Smoking rooms […]

Security Week 05: sudo, iOS vulnerability and attack on researchers (Kaspersky Lab.)

The past week has been eventful. Let’s start with three vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile OS that were supposedly exploited in real attacks. In a brief message from Apple, two vulnerabilities are attributed to the WebKit engine — they allow arbitrary code execution. Another hole in the core of iOS and iPadOS allows you to increase privileges. All three vulnerabilities were closed in the January 26 OS update 14.4. Apple reports […]

How NVIDIA’s Reflex technology works

In addition to ray tracing and AI-based DLSS 2.0 anti-aliasing, modern video games (in particular, Fortnite) also support NVIDIA Reflex technology, which is designed to reduce the system delay that occurs between pressing a button and displaying an action on the screen (for example: you pressed the mouse button — a shot was fired). Measuring the “input delay” is not easy, so NVIDIA Reflex uses a set of software and […]

Official prices for AMD Threadripper Pro: $5489 for 64 cores and $2749 for 32 cores

AMD has announced prices for its Threadripper Pro processors. The company introduced the line itself relatively recently, but did not disclose the prices, keeping the intrigue. Now they go on sale, so the cost of chips is no longer a secret. So, the price of Threadripper Pro 3995WX is $5489, Threadripper Pro 3975WX — $2749, Threadripper Pro 3955WX — $1149. By the way, the company initially stated that its processors […]

Switching from Azure to GCP, with ASP.NET MVC on ASP.NET Core 3.1

In this article, I described my own successful experience of migrating a real project from one cloud platform to another. Of course, this is not the only possible way. But I think here you can find tips that will make life easier for everyone who is just going to make such a transition. However, you will have to take into account the specifics of your project and be guided by […]

A new approach to the viewing of logs

At one time, I had to work a lot with logs. They could be large and located on different servers. It was not necessary to find something specific, but to understand why the system does not behave as it should. For some reason, there was no log aggregator. I wanted to have a log viewer that allows you to open any file at any time, without downloading it to the […]

Gitlab 13.7 was released

Well, the year was 2020! We are happy to present release 13.7 with more than 45 features and SOFTWARE delivery improvements, released just in time for the holidays. On behalf of all GitLab employees, we would like to thank the members of Our community for your contributions and for the positive impact you have on our work. Without you, GitLab wouldn’t be what It is now. Thank you and all […]

Neural network technologies

The topic is dedicated to neural network technologies. Previously, this topic was published for the Institute, in order to gain the first scientific research experience, and in my opinion, this is one of the most relevant topics along with the quantum network, that is, these technologies will radically change the scope of application and data processing in both situational and predictable situations. The peculiarity of using neural network technologies is […]

Generating default Github avatars

In this article, I will show and tell you how to generate avatars as on Github. First, you need to understand how the github avatar works. At first glance, it’s just a random set of colored squares (hereinafter referred to as blocks) in a good order on a gray background. Each avatar has 12 by 12 blocks. Looking at the following picture, I think you understand that the images are […]

TSMC and Samsung have serious problems with the production of 3 nm chips

At the end of December, Apple placed the first order for chips made using the 3-nm process technology from TSMC. The company uses these chips in new devices that should be released next year. But the other day it became knownthat the development of the technical process is under threat — both Samsung and TSMC have problems with new chips. We are talking about the production of FinFET GAA 3-nm […]

Transfer files over the air via your smartphone’s camera

The problem Barcodes are great for marking everything from products to people. Now there are about two dozen standards for two-dimensional barcodes in use, and dozens more unsuccessful, tragically misunderstood, self-made and internal corporate options, most of which miserably lose to the usual QR code. Its prevalence and ease of implementation have made it the most popular among two-dimensional barcodes, but it also has a drawback common to all linear […]

How we implemented distributed cache on Tarantool in one ABS.

The development of any fairly serious software, whether it is a matrix calculator or an AI of an unmanned car, is always some kind of subject area, certain technologies, algorithms and data structures, code architecture, the development process and many other smart terms from the IT world. ——————————————————- This article presents one of the solutions in the world of high performance and distributed systems. Under the cut, you will find […]

Good cyberpunk and interesting bugs

A short list of bugs that have already been encountered. No spoilers!!! The car suddenly took off into the sky, flew, tumbling, half the area and fell into the river. Occasionally sounds disappear, such as dialogues or shooting. Cars and motorcycles get stuck in objects. Nep is stuck in the aisle and won’t let me out. Loading the save helped. The game crashed. The language settings in the game fly […]

Digest of fresh materials from the world of frontend for the last week (December 21-27, 2020)

Media podcast “Zinc prod” #092: Dima Patsura will drop by to discuss React Server Components, ffmpeg 20 years podcast “Web standards” Podcast #261. Transformations, Firefox 84, pain, MDN, CSS drafts, overflow, centering, viewport podcast “news 512” from CSSSR: ES2021, iterators, releases of CakePHP, Ember 3.23, npm 7.3.0, Zoom for schools from Rostelecom and podcast “news 512” from CSSSR: React Server Components, Ruby 3, Turbo framework from Basecamp, Node.js 15.5.0, […]