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Pentesters — Witchers of the it world

Have you noticed that the IT world is very huge, but at the same time there seems to be no place for information security, despite the fact that quite a lot, and sometimes critically many, actually need it? Many people now create and develop products, but very few people want to pay for their security, people look askance at such a decision, because many-mostly, of course, businessmen – do not want […]

Developing Diablo IV in Blizzard and debugging memory dumps from Linux in Visual Studio

The Microsoft blog recently published an article written by bill Randolph, Blizzard’s senior software engineer who is developing Diablo IV. This article explains some of the features of working on Diablo IV and, in particular, explains how to use Visual Studio to debug code designed for Linux. Today we offer to your attention the translation of the material. Introduction While working on Diablo IV, we write all the code in Windows, and […]

The story of Agent, a cancelled spy Thriller from Rockstar

Last year, I read a couple of interesting articles about the canceled Agent-a possible Rockstar hit. The first story, based on anonymous interviews, turned out to be rather “depressing”. Something like this: “We were like a family, and we drank tequila with our bosses on Fridays. But after buying the Rockstar Studio — they “plowed” late 7 days a week. Feel sorry for us, it’s so hard in game development… ” but an interview with […]

How to create an interesting open worlds: the key principles

With the development of technology and the improvement of hardware in PCs and consoles, game developers have the opportunity to create giant open worlds filled with a huge amount of content. But this does not mean that the impressive size of the locations automatically make the games interesting.  The developers of the open-world race Fuel, released in 2009, boasted that the area of the game map is 14 thousand km2. In fact, […]

How just one game mechanic changed Diablo forever

“That’s what the game was always called,” recalls David Brevik, lead programmer for the original 1997 Diablo. “Diablo is the name of a mountain in the San Francisco Bay area, at the foot of which I then lived. When I found out about it, I remember saying, ” Yes, this is going to be a great video game title someday.” A kind of anti-RPG of that time, Diablo received many of its […]

Creating a database scheme in SQLAlchemy

Much has already been said that SQLAlchemy is one of the most popular libraries for creating database scheme. Today, let’s look at a simple example of creating a small data scheme for a quote search application. We will use PostgreSQL as the DBMS. We will use a declarative approach to defining models, since, in my opinion, it is simpler and clearer than the classical approach based on mapper. Let’s first outline an er […]

Good cyberpunk and interesting bugs

A short list of bugs that have already been encountered. No spoilers!!! The car suddenly took off into the sky, flew, tumbling, half the area and fell into the river. Occasionally sounds disappear, such as dialogues or shooting. Cars and motorcycles get stuck in objects. Nep is stuck in the aisle and won’t let me out. Loading the save helped. The game crashed. The language settings in the game fly […]

CD Projekt Red showed a teaser of the first addition to Cyberpunk 2077

On December 28, 2020, CD Projekt Red released a teaser of the first expansion to Cyberpunk 2077. The studio also opened a separate section with DLC on the game’s website. The first to notice this was a Reddit user under the nickname diegoonishi. Users have suggested that this DLC will contain previously removed before the release due to the lack of development of the game world, items and quests. The […]