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Converting a number to a string using the FPU

Every person who is interested in programming must write their own version of the solution to this problem. I decided not to be an exception. In accordance withx64 software conventions, we assume that the number to be converted is located at XMM0. We will use x64bit code for x32bit addressing. This method of addressing allows you to take advantage of both dialects. We save the stack value and create a […]

Good cyberpunk and interesting bugs

A short list of bugs that have already been encountered. No spoilers!!! The car suddenly took off into the sky, flew, tumbling, half the area and fell into the river. Occasionally sounds disappear, such as dialogues or shooting. Cars and motorcycles get stuck in objects. Nep is stuck in the aisle and won’t let me out. Loading the save helped. The game crashed. The language settings in the game fly […]