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How can SoundCloud rebuild its monetization system to re-engage musicians and audiences

The company is going to introduce an alternative model of content monetization — direct payments to authors. If a word is followed by a deed, SoundCloud will change the entire streaming niche. What’s going on In the market of streaming services, everything is complicated. They expand the audience and help musicians earn money while there are no concerts or demand for merch. But the latter are not happy with the payments. Even well-known indie […]

NHTSA is developing driverless car safety standards and it has questions

Note: the National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) and the Department of transportation issued a preliminary notice in November last year on a project to standardize driverless vehicle traffic safety. We asked Egil Juliussen, an experienced automotive industry analyst and EE Times columnist, to tell us about it. In this text, he will explain to us how NHTSA defines driverless cars, what is included in the “safety standards” and what questions the […]

Windows 10 Sun Valley: what we know today

One of Microsoft’s goals with Sun Valley is to refresh the Windows 10 user experience. This will include rounding off the corners of buttons, application Windows, and shell elements such as the start menu and action Center, bringing legacy interfaces such as file Explorer, file properties, and copy dialogs in line with modern Windows interfaces, and cleaning up OS elements to create a more simplified user experience that matches more modern […]

How to install an SSL certificate on an Onlyoffice docker build

After installing and configuring the community version of this package, I was faced with the fact that there are no official recommendations on how to generate and run this complex over a secure Protocol using a certificate from Letsencrypt. This short tutorial will help you get a certificate in 5-10 minutes without any complicated body movements. So, let’s go through the steps. I did everything on an Ubuntu 18.04 system running […]

Neurotheology and neuromarketing the future

I recently reviewed Back to the Future, an iconic trilogy about a guy and his genius grandfather traveling to the future, past, and back. It’s interesting to see how people saw the future almost 30 years ago-hoverboards instead of skateboards, flying cars, romance! Now the idea that there will be a lot of cyborgs in the future is becoming popular, thanks to cyberpunk 2077-the idea that we will not have enough […]

11 PowerShell commands for Office 365 that are useful to know

Using PowerShell to manage Office 365 can make your work faster, more efficient, and easier. PowerShell provides access to information about the Office 365 environment that cannot be accessed through the Microsoft 365 administration center, and allows you to perform bulk operations with a single command. By integrating Office 365 products into a single interface, PowerShell also simplifies user access management and enhances cybersecurity.This article explains the most useful PowerShell commands for […]

How we implemented distributed cache on Tarantool in one ABS.

The development of any fairly serious software, whether it is a matrix calculator or an AI of an unmanned car, is always some kind of subject area, certain technologies, algorithms and data structures, code architecture, the development process and many other smart terms from the IT world. ——————————————————- This article presents one of the solutions in the world of high performance and distributed systems. Under the cut, you will find […]