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Connected! The most important thing about the VPN app design

It so happened that I made VPN clients much more often than I used them for their intended purpose. In 2020, almost every month I consistently received an offer to create “fast, convenient and secure”. Some offered two servers, both of which were paid. Others gave you a choice of 50 countries and the ability to connect to 4 at once. Despite the different approach, these applications have the same […]

Converting a number to a string using the FPU

Every person who is interested in programming must write their own version of the solution to this problem. I decided not to be an exception. In accordance withx64 software conventions, we assume that the number to be converted is located at XMM0. We will use x64bit code for x32bit addressing. This method of addressing allows you to take advantage of both dialects. We save the stack value and create a […]

Threadripper 3990X: compiling 1 billion lines of C++ on 64 cores

RAD Studio consists of Delphi and C++Builder. The object Pascal compiler in Delphi is a single-pass compiler, and the compiler itself is not parallel, but when compiling several projects in parallel, it was able to compile 1 billion lines of Object Pascal code in 5 minutes on a machine with a 16-core AMD Ryzen 9 5950x. I wanted to find out if it’s possible to do something similar for C++. […]

The minimum size of the content in CSS grid

Sometimes, when you are writing a component, you suddenly notice a strange horizontal scroll bar. Time and time again, you try to correct the situation, only to later realize that the reason is something else. How many times has this happened? In this article, I will explain a tricky problem that can cost hours of trial and error; this problem is related to the CSS grid layout, and I thought […]

Security Week 05: sudo, iOS vulnerability and attack on researchers (Kaspersky Lab.)

The past week has been eventful. Let’s start with three vulnerabilities in Apple’s mobile OS that were supposedly exploited in real attacks. In a brief message from Apple, two vulnerabilities are attributed to the WebKit engine — they allow arbitrary code execution. Another hole in the core of iOS and iPadOS allows you to increase privileges. All three vulnerabilities were closed in the January 26 OS update 14.4. Apple reports […]

How NVIDIA’s Reflex technology works

In addition to ray tracing and AI-based DLSS 2.0 anti-aliasing, modern video games (in particular, Fortnite) also support NVIDIA Reflex technology, which is designed to reduce the system delay that occurs between pressing a button and displaying an action on the screen (for example: you pressed the mouse button — a shot was fired). Measuring the “input delay” is not easy, so NVIDIA Reflex uses a set of software and […]

Official prices for AMD Threadripper Pro: $5489 for 64 cores and $2749 for 32 cores

AMD has announced prices for its Threadripper Pro processors. The company introduced the line itself relatively recently, but did not disclose the prices, keeping the intrigue. Now they go on sale, so the cost of chips is no longer a secret. So, the price of Threadripper Pro 3995WX is $5489, Threadripper Pro 3975WX — $2749, Threadripper Pro 3955WX — $1149. By the way, the company initially stated that its processors […]

Switching from Azure to GCP, with ASP.NET MVC on ASP.NET Core 3.1

In this article, I described my own successful experience of migrating a real project from one cloud platform to another. Of course, this is not the only possible way. But I think here you can find tips that will make life easier for everyone who is just going to make such a transition. However, you will have to take into account the specifics of your project and be guided by […]

A new approach to the viewing of logs

At one time, I had to work a lot with logs. They could be large and located on different servers. It was not necessary to find something specific, but to understand why the system does not behave as it should. For some reason, there was no log aggregator. I wanted to have a log viewer that allows you to open any file at any time, without downloading it to the […]

The future of JavaScript: classes

Good day, friends! Today I want to talk to you about three proposals related to JavaScript classes that are currently under 3 stages of consideration: the definition of class field private methods and class getters/setters static features of classes: static public fields, static private fields, and static private methods Given that these suggestions fully correspond to the logic of further class development and use the existing syntax, you can be […]

Simple PyQt solution: “how to add an image to a program”

Simple solution according to the source code: API documentation:

Windows 10 Sun Valley: what we know today

One of Microsoft’s goals with Sun Valley is to refresh the Windows 10 user experience. This will include rounding off the corners of buttons, application Windows, and shell elements such as the start menu and action Center, bringing legacy interfaces such as file Explorer, file properties, and copy dialogs in line with modern Windows interfaces, and cleaning up OS elements to create a more simplified user experience that matches more modern […]

14 fresh and useful design resources in January

What’s in today’s release: various generators, cool sources for inspiration, stylish icons, top products from Product Hunt for 2020, tools for exporting animations and gifs, and much more. Attention, the dark pattern — we left the hottest resources at the end – so scroll with anticipation. Let’s go! 14. Vektors Vektors is an aggregator of collections with illustrations. All illustrations of this resource are free (but some collections have user licenses). At Vektors, you’ll […]

Testing pseudo-random sequence

As end users of the communication channel, we had to take part in testing the modified communication system. As a matter of fact, our participation was simple – to bring a laptop and a pairing unit, connect it to the system and continuously output any information frames from the computer as a certain “payload”. The developers had to run the system in different modes, and then the telemetrists gave us the […]

How to install an SSL certificate on an Onlyoffice docker build

After installing and configuring the community version of this package, I was faced with the fact that there are no official recommendations on how to generate and run this complex over a secure Protocol using a certificate from Letsencrypt. This short tutorial will help you get a certificate in 5-10 minutes without any complicated body movements. So, let’s go through the steps. I did everything on an Ubuntu 18.04 system running […]

OpenCart popup, modal Windows

When developing a module in the admin panel, I needed to use OpenCart modal Windows to display certain information, as well as to show the form. My frontend experience at that time was so-so, but a colleague suggested that OpenCart uses jquery (2.1.1), and this library has support for popup Windows. But not everything is so simple … To clarify: modal window = = popup window == popup. Modal window library In order to use the […]

Neurotheology and neuromarketing the future

I recently reviewed Back to the Future, an iconic trilogy about a guy and his genius grandfather traveling to the future, past, and back. It’s interesting to see how people saw the future almost 30 years ago-hoverboards instead of skateboards, flying cars, romance! Now the idea that there will be a lot of cyborgs in the future is becoming popular, thanks to cyberpunk 2077-the idea that we will not have enough […]

11 PowerShell commands for Office 365 that are useful to know

Using PowerShell to manage Office 365 can make your work faster, more efficient, and easier. PowerShell provides access to information about the Office 365 environment that cannot be accessed through the Microsoft 365 administration center, and allows you to perform bulk operations with a single command. By integrating Office 365 products into a single interface, PowerShell also simplifies user access management and enhances cybersecurity.This article explains the most useful PowerShell commands for […]

Gitlab 13.7 was released

Well, the year was 2020! We are happy to present release 13.7 with more than 45 features and SOFTWARE delivery improvements, released just in time for the holidays. On behalf of all GitLab employees, we would like to thank the members of Our community for your contributions and for the positive impact you have on our work. Without you, GitLab wouldn’t be what It is now. Thank you and all […]

Neural network technologies

The topic is dedicated to neural network technologies. Previously, this topic was published for the Institute, in order to gain the first scientific research experience, and in my opinion, this is one of the most relevant topics along with the quantum network, that is, these technologies will radically change the scope of application and data processing in both situational and predictable situations. The peculiarity of using neural network technologies is […]

Developing a PWA with support for face and voice recognition

This article focuses on advanced features of PWA (Progressive Web Application), based on some modern APIs. Specifically, here we will talk about developing a web project that supports face and voice recognition. What was previously only available in regular apps can now be used in PWA as well. This opens up a lot of new opportunities for web developers. The application in question is based on a PWA, the development […]

Facebook managers in internal correspondence called targeting for small businesses “nonsense»

Internal documents from Facebook showthat the company should stop positioning itself as a defender of small businesses, as opposed to Apple, which is introducing new privacy features in iOS 14. Managers of the social network in correspondence with each other admit serious shortcomings in the ad targeting capabilities. In particular, they recognize the fact that half of the time such ads were not shown to their target audience, and that […]

Generating default Github avatars

In this article, I will show and tell you how to generate avatars as on Github. First, you need to understand how the github avatar works. At first glance, it’s just a random set of colored squares (hereinafter referred to as blocks) in a good order on a gray background. Each avatar has 12 by 12 blocks. Looking at the following picture, I think you understand that the images are […]

How to save memory and double the size of PyTorch models with the new Sharded method

Deep learning models improve as the amount of data and parameters increases. Even with Open AI’s latest GPT-3 model, which uses 175 billion parameters, we have yet to see a plateau in parameter growth. For some areas, such as NLP, the workhorse was Transformer, which requires huge amounts of GPU memory. Realistic models simply don’t fit in memory. The last method is called Sharded [lit. ‘segmented’] was introduced in Zero […]

Intriguing C++ 20 features for embedded developers

C is still the favorite programming language among embedded system developers, but there are quite a few of them who use C++in their practice. Using the corresponding features of C++ , you can write code that is as efficient as the code of a similar application written in C, and in some cases it will be even more efficient, since it can be quite tedious for an ordinary programmer to […]