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Steam has a rather interesting login method

How do I transmit my password over the Internet? Typically, an SSL certificate is purchased, and TLS performs the task of securely moving the password from the client to the server. Of course, everything is not as dry as I try to imagine, but in General it is true and this approach has passed the test of time. However, this was not always the case, and one incredibly popular online store chose to […]

Pentesters — Witchers of the it world

Have you noticed that the IT world is very huge, but at the same time there seems to be no place for information security, despite the fact that quite a lot, and sometimes critically many, actually need it? Many people now create and develop products, but very few people want to pay for their security, people look askance at such a decision, because many-mostly, of course, businessmen – do not want […]

Developing Diablo IV in Blizzard and debugging memory dumps from Linux in Visual Studio

The Microsoft blog recently published an article written by bill Randolph, Blizzard’s senior software engineer who is developing Diablo IV. This article explains some of the features of working on Diablo IV and, in particular, explains how to use Visual Studio to debug code designed for Linux. Today we offer to your attention the translation of the material. Introduction While working on Diablo IV, we write all the code in Windows, and […]

The story of Agent, a cancelled spy Thriller from Rockstar

Last year, I read a couple of interesting articles about the canceled Agent-a possible Rockstar hit. The first story, based on anonymous interviews, turned out to be rather “depressing”. Something like this: “We were like a family, and we drank tequila with our bosses on Fridays. But after buying the Rockstar Studio — they “plowed” late 7 days a week. Feel sorry for us, it’s so hard in game development… ” but an interview with […]

How to create an interesting open worlds: the key principles

With the development of technology and the improvement of hardware in PCs and consoles, game developers have the opportunity to create giant open worlds filled with a huge amount of content. But this does not mean that the impressive size of the locations automatically make the games interesting.  The developers of the open-world race Fuel, released in 2009, boasted that the area of the game map is 14 thousand km2. In fact, […]

How just one game mechanic changed Diablo forever

“That’s what the game was always called,” recalls David Brevik, lead programmer for the original 1997 Diablo. “Diablo is the name of a mountain in the San Francisco Bay area, at the foot of which I then lived. When I found out about it, I remember saying, ” Yes, this is going to be a great video game title someday.” A kind of anti-RPG of that time, Diablo received many of its […]

How to write readable code

It happens that after looking at the old code, we say: “It’s easier to rewrite it than change it.” It is sad if we are talking about our own code, which was written with such love several years ago. Head of Developer Relations at Evrone Grigory Petrov in his report at TechLead Conf 2020 analyzed the problems that lead to such a situation, and told how to deal with the Software complexity problem. […]

Properties vs methods

At first glance, such a question as choosing a property or method seems simple. But this is as long as you don’t encounter any misunderstanding in your team. Although there are well-established practices, their wording is rather vague. There is a certain degree of freedom in this kind of question, which makes it difficult for us to choose, and the apparent simplicity gives fertile ground for disputes. Background of Java programmers A programming […]

The most unusual cell towers — non-standard solutions for standard tasks

Industrial design has always put functionality first. The shapes, contours, and materials of the object to be created were supposed to be only auxiliary components of the production function that was assigned to the object of execution. In the 60s and 70s of the last century, during a particularly rapid population growth in industrial countries, industrial design became the lifesaver that allowed, forgetting about aesthetic excesses, to create not only new residential […]

In the futuristic thrall of Soviet tech design

The future cannot be predicted, it can be invented. (C) Dennis GaborIf we talk about the technological achievements of the Soviet Union, the first thing that comes to mind is a Satellite, a Soyuz spacecraft, a Tupolev — 144 aircraft (the famous Concordski), or huge nuclear submarines. It is unlikely that consumer electronics and computers can also be attributed there, which is not surprising. And despite a promising start in the development and […]

We recall all the important events in UI / UX design in 2020

2020 is over. It was an unstable year and many were exhausted. Social distancing, lockdown, remote work, and for many, downsizing: all this has become a new reality. But despite the instability, the world stage of UI/UX and product design did not stand still. After all, with new problems, new solutions have appeared. Companies released new products, as well as updated existing ones. In this issue, we summed up the results of 2020, where […]

Amazon’s secret car

New car from Zoox with 4 seats and symmetrical design Startup Zoox (a company founded by an Australian designer and robotics engineer from Stanford) has finally presented its new project, which, according to the company, will not only be the car of the future, but also a conceptually new vehicle. Most companies working on self-driving cars (either private or robotaxis) have focused their efforts on solving the difficult task of […]

The pain of fronts, or what we need from designers

Introduction Having worked my way up from a web design Intern to a senior frontend developer, I worked in different teams and with different designers. Regardless of the number of people and the type of project, there were always similar problems: mutual distrust or even bias between front-end developers and designers, lack of understanding of the layout or design system, lack of communication in the team, and much more that prevented […]

Forgotten roots of popular icons

A popular joke claims that our children will perceive a 3.5-inch floppy disk as a 3D-printed save icon. Indeed, there is a growing generation that does not know the object from which this icon was drawn. But the forgotten data storage format is far from the only symbol that we lose our memory of its origin. Symbols do not only originate in disappearing objects in reality: some of them originated in outdated […]

Micro-modular approach to product design

 This time I will tell you how the micro-module approach will help you structure layouts, build a clear documentation system, and get a semblance of versioning. As it usually happens-the product consists of modules, modules consist of screens (screens consist of blocks, and blocks of components). All this is tied up with flows, in which the designer shows transitions between screens within specific scenarios. And, it seems, everyone is happy. Problems appear […]

What a developer needs to know about working with a designer

The year is 2021, and the time has long come when designers and programmers began to work together on the same product. Now you almost never meet a development team that doesn’t have a designer. This was facilitated by the mass migration of the then “computer Operators ” to graphical interfaces. Now operators are an incredible number of different types of managers who manage various business processes in their organizations-starting from the formation […]

How can SoundCloud rebuild its monetization system to re-engage musicians and audiences

The company is going to introduce an alternative model of content monetization — direct payments to authors. If a word is followed by a deed, SoundCloud will change the entire streaming niche. What’s going on In the market of streaming services, everything is complicated. They expand the audience and help musicians earn money while there are no concerts or demand for merch. But the latter are not happy with the payments. Even well-known indie […]

What to listen to when writing code: free mixes, a second monitor plug, and an ambient player

It is quite difficult to concentrate on work tasks when the surrounding reality gradually takes on a tinge of irritation and negativity. However, we do not give up and share with you our musical findings-services and collections of tracks that-at least for a while — will help you exhale and get down to business with renewed vigor. is a simple and compact web player with five streams of songs in the public domain […]

World Hi-Fi: we discuss the image tax, vendor Loks, the atmosphere of paranoia and musical information security Easter eggs

Earlier, we discussed smart TV and upscaling, streaming, music hardware, and even the Hamming effect. Today we will continue to share selected materials of our “Hi-Fi World”. The struggle for rights or the atmosphere of paranoia — in the world of music is still undecided. Performers, studios, and copyright holders are also suing during the epidemiological crisis. They argue about everything that can be called music: from the degree of similarity of two-second samples […]

Loot boxes and other in-game property in computer games: can I be their full owner?

Since we all live in the digital age, any technical, technological and other changes in cyberspace require a modern person to “adjust” to them. The usual understanding of property and things from the point of view of jurisprudence also applies to various forms of ownership – whether it is ownership of material values or objects of copyright. But what if the object of ownership is an object presented in electronic (digital) form? How […]

NHTSA is developing driverless car safety standards and it has questions

Note: the National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) and the Department of transportation issued a preliminary notice in November last year on a project to standardize driverless vehicle traffic safety. We asked Egil Juliussen, an experienced automotive industry analyst and EE Times columnist, to tell us about it. In this text, he will explain to us how NHTSA defines driverless cars, what is included in the “safety standards” and what questions the […]

Creating a database scheme in SQLAlchemy

Much has already been said that SQLAlchemy is one of the most popular libraries for creating database scheme. Today, let’s look at a simple example of creating a small data scheme for a quote search application. We will use PostgreSQL as the DBMS. We will use a declarative approach to defining models, since, in my opinion, it is simpler and clearer than the classical approach based on mapper. Let’s first outline an er […]

L-systems and what they allow themselves

Let’s start with the basics, if we take the definition from the well-known and beloved Wikipedia, then the L-system (or Lindenmeier system) is a parallel rewriting system and a type of formal grammar. In simple terms, the L-system consists of an alphabet of characters that can be used to create strings, a set of generating rules that specify substitution rules for each character, the initial string ( “axioms”), with which the construction begins, and the mechanism […]

How come 0.1 + 0.2 = 0.30000000000000004?

Since childhood, we were taught that 0.1 + 0.2 equals 0.3. However, in the mysterious world of computing, everything works differently. I recently started writing JavaScript code and while reading about data types, I noticed a strange behavior of 0.1 + 0.2 not equal to 0.3.I turned to Stack Overflow for help and found a couple of posts that helped. Take a look below: After doing a lot of research and calculations, […]

Running complex C++ applications on microcontrollers

Today, no one is surprised by the opportunity to develop in C++ for microcontrollers. The mbed project is completely focused on this language. A number of other RTOS provide the possibility of developing in C++. This is convenient, because the programmer has access to object-oriented programming tools. However, many RTOS impose various restrictions on the use of C++. In this article, we will look at the internal organization of C++ and find out the reasons […]