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What to listen to when writing code: free mixes, a second monitor plug, and an ambient player

What to listen to when writing code: free mixes, a second monitor plug, and an ambient player

It is quite difficult to concentrate on work tasks when the surrounding reality gradually takes on a tinge of irritation and negativity. However, we do not give up and share with you our musical findings-services and collections of tracks that-at least for a while — will help you exhale and get down to business with renewed vigor.

Photo: True Agency. Source: Unsplash.com
Photo: True Agency. Source: Unsplash.com

Deepwork.fm is a simple and compact web player with five streams of songs in the public domain or published by authors marked “royalty free”. We like the “My happy place” playlist [we listened to it while preparing the description], but there is also motivational music, sounds of nature, and even “Epic Quest”, as well as a mix of randomly selected tracks.

The project was prepared and published by Petr Nagy, a fullstack developer who prefers to build a career as a freelancer without a fixed place of work. Deepwork.fm has become one of the minimalistic products that it supports on its own. This is a Tasklog app for managing tasks and Remote Weekly for those who are looking for jobs remotely.

CalmWatching — a selection of sounds of nature, home atmosphere, noise in the city cafe and on the street. The developers of the project presented the audio content in the form of a simple web stubs for the background view on the second monitor. It turned out to be a good alternative for a temporary break from YT broadcasts and TV pictures. For fans of the latter, there is a stylization of the defunct TV channel Calm News Network. By the way, most of the tracks you will find in the category “Nature”, other sections [only four of them] were much more modest.

MusicForProgramming-mixes compiled through trial and error by a British musician who performs under the nicknames Datassette and Datashat. He’s been doing creative work for several years, releasing albums, playing in clubs, and at the same time publishing thematic mixes in podcast format. Now they have appeared in the form of a web player, designed in the spirit of a template for the Sublime Text editor with the ability to switch between a “dark” and “light” theme.

61 mixes are currently available. The author used not only his own compositions for the preparation, but mostly took guest tracks — mastering was carried out in iZotope Ozone and Adobe Audition. As he writes, you can achieve concentration and stay immersed in your work for a long time by using the right combination of styles, creative techniques, voice samples and the” mood ” that is conveyed by the segments of the mix. It is worth admitting that it turns out well — for background listening, the collections are more than suitable and may appeal to many.

ASoftMurmur is an ambient player with adjustments to the components of the sound pattern. There are ten of them in total: from the roar of the wind and the sounds of a crackling fire to the singing of birds and white noise. Our favorite combo is the theme of thunderstorms and the hubbub of coffee shop patrons, but you can choose something suitable for any situation. There is also a timer for starting and ending playback, the ability to set up a smooth fade of the mix and share it in your social networks.

Photograph: Álvaro Bernal. Source: Unsplash.com
Photograph: Álvaro Bernal. Source: Unsplash.com
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