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14 fresh and useful design resources in January

14 fresh and useful design resources in January

What’s in today’s release: various generators, cool sources for inspiration, stylish icons, top products from Product Hunt for 2020, tools for exporting animations and gifs, and much more.

Attention, the dark pattern — we left the hottest resources at the end – so scroll with anticipation.

Let’s go!

14. Vektors

Vektors is an aggregator of collections with illustrations. All illustrations of this resource are free (but some collections have user licenses).

At Vektors, you’ll find illustrations from artists all over the world and for a wide variety of projects. Illustrations are available in PNG, SVG, Figma, and Sketch formats.

At the moment, the packs have 70+ units.

13. Pattern Generator

The browser-based texture generator allows you to create unique royalty-free textures.

Pattern Generator has flexible settings: after selecting a basic style, you can then customize your texture using colors, filters, and transformations. Each pattern style has its own unique transformations. The “Shuffle” button is the same “Random” button that shuffles styles and returns randomized elements.

You can export the file not only to JPEG or PNG, but also as code for inline SVG and CSS background images.

12. Gumaffiliates

Gumaffiliates – a new resource that allows you to develop affiliate marketing through Gumroad.

It is ideal for both creatives without an audience, and affiliate marketers with an audience, but without their own products.

By purchasing an item (Gumaffiliates costs $1):

1) Creatives get a table of people with an audience;

2) Affiliate-marketers get tables with products that need to be promoted.

Tables include the following data: product name (in the case of an affiliate partner, this is the name of the audience), niche, website, and contact information.

11. Parametric Color Mixer

Parametric Color Mixer allows you to generate colors and then adjust the palette using interactive equalizers.

Once you have decided on the color choice, you can adjust it using the following parameters: Position, Impact, Range, and Blending.

You can either add or decrease the number of color schemes.

Export – to SVG and CSS.

10. Game UI Database

This site is designed specifically for designers who specialize in creating games.On this resource you will find an extensive database of various elements: from various pop-up menus to HUD elements. Just a storehouse of information for game designers.Almost 13,000 screenshots from 355 games. More than 80 types of screens.

The site has a very convenient search engine. The sidebar displays filters for screen types: title menu, status, statistics, information, network functions, gameplay, and HUD.

You can also filter by genre, theme, aesthetic elements of games, device / controls, and so on.

9. GIFRun

GIFRun allows you to create GIF images without watermarks from various social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, Twitter and many others, where there is an embedded video function.

Just paste the source link, define the duration and start time, add text (optional), and your GIF file is ready.

8. Doodle Strudel

If you work as an artist or Illustrator, then try Doodle Strudel. This problem generator from Pablo Stanley is a great thing for those who have a crisis of ideas.

Only here you will find such crazy tasks as: “Draw a funny horse with big headphones that reads a book on the street.”?

7. Scale

Scale is a great website with beautiful illustrations that are suitable for designing apps or websites, as well as for various promotional materials or presentations.

You can find the desired image in the search bar, or filter it by gender, and when configuring it, you can select the color scheme in the HEX-code field.

Illustrations are available in SVG and PNG formats.

The resource is completely new, but the collection of spectacular illustrations already has more than 120 items.

The authors guarantee to post something new every day.

6. UX Database

A catalog of UX resourcesthat we deserve.

In this powerful new database, you will find carefully selected products for all occasions: the best tools, plugins, methodologies, training resources and much more.

You can sort by the following categories: research, analysis, visual design, interface design, next-generation products (AR / VR, chatbots, etc.), productivity, learning, and multimedia.

The database is also convenient because each resource is marked with availability: paid, free, or with a Freemium license.

5. Pattern Collect

Pattern Collect is a kind of Dribbble for artists who create patterns and textures.

With this gallery, you can not only catch inspiration and improve your skills, but also upload your work there, while refreshing your portfolio.

The resource contains templates in 45 categories, including: abstraction, faces, geometric shapes, colors, retro and much more.

4. Flow

Flow is a new player in the market of motion design. The tool’s Arsenal includes:

* Import Figma, Sketch, XD, Illustrator, Affinity, etc. files (they promise to add support for Instagram and Dribbble in the future);

* A wide range of different functions for cool animation;

* Directly export your animations from Sketch / Figma to pure code for Swift, React, SVG, etc.

Onboarding animations for screens, buttons, advertising content and promo videos-Flow will be a great helper in adding a twist to your product.

In addition, the Flow interface is intuitive, as it has incorporated the best practices of the interface of design tools of recent years. Therefore, if you know how to work in Figma or Sketch, then you will quickly understand Flow as well.

3. Byte Dance Icons

Byte Dance Icons — a cool collection of icons from the Figma community, containing

almost 3000 elements for a wide variety of projects. Icons are available in the outlined, filled, and two-tone styles.

Documentation for Vue and React is available for using icons in the code .

The collection is constantly updated.

2. Best of Product Hunt

One enthusiast put together a table in Notion with the best products on Product Hunt for 2020. Here you will find a collection of more than 360 products.

In the view settings, you can choose the most convenient type of content viewing: gallery view, whiteboard view, or table view. The table contains all the necessary information for each product: project name, launch date on ProductHunt, number of votes, link to the image.

On the 1st place we have the article The State of Design Systems: 2020. This is a very informative article, where Google conducted a study on the use of design systems in 2020. In this study, Google interviewed more than 1,000 designers.

1. The State of Design Systems 2020

We share with you the main results.

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