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Good cyberpunk and interesting bugs

Good cyberpunk and interesting bugs

A short list of bugs that have already been encountered. No spoilers!!!

  1. The car suddenly took off into the sky, flew, tumbling, half the area and fell into the river.
  2. Occasionally sounds disappear, such as dialogues or shooting.
  3. Cars and motorcycles get stuck in objects.
  4. Nep is stuck in the aisle and won’t let me out. Loading the save helped.
  5. The game crashed.
  6. The language settings in the game fly off every time you turn it on. Sometimes the labels have a loose localization.
  7. I killed the tube.
  8. T-pose.
  9. Cameras that see through walls, enemies that shoot through them.
  10. Jumped off a vending machine and crashed.
  11. The body fell under the floor. Loading an autosave helped, but a quicksave made 10 seconds later didn’t.
  12. Booted inside the driver instead of sitting in the passenger seat.
  13. Sometimes on a motorcycle it is possible to pass through fences or other cars (especially noticeable in trucks).
  14. Machines with non-inscriptions dissolve in the air. And not like in GTA, far away and while you do not look at them, but right in front of your nose (in one particular quest, this happened, usually does not happen).
  15. Buggy quest with a taxi, just does not want to start.
  16. Sometimes objects lying on the ground simply can not be picked up, as they are.. xs, what are they. 1,000,000 game hours in TES are buzzing indignantly.

upd from December 18:

  1. The summoned motorcycle pulled up, but when it caught up with me, it disappeared into thin air with a pop and flying debris.
  2. The boss hovered in the air
  3. Died a couple of times from jet engines, which were not above me.
  4. In one car, the light through the windshield is simply blinding, so I had to go “according to the instruments”
  5. The tooltip about the weapon in the body did not disappear, it was decided by loading the save.

upd from December 25:

  1. Managed to attack the Tiger Claws in the safe zone. They glared at me, V tried to go into hand – to-hand combat – but remained in some intermediate state, when, like, and fists, holds, and can not hit anyone-and switch to weapons, too. When exiting the safe zone, the state was preserved, corrected by loading the save.
  2. There was an inscription “unavailable” or something like that in the place of dialogues and did not disappear until the save was loaded.
  3. Got stuck in the scaffolding when trying to get down. And I’m not sure that there is another way to descend from there – most likely, if not for the high level, the fall would have killed.
  4. The quest door slammed in my face and did not want to open – because I managed to visit this location earlier and opened this door. It was decided by loading the save, managed to slip.
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